The provision and use of energy and resources in different forms are two of the main aspects of our industrial nation. The efficient handling with energy and resources are one of the decisive challenges for our social and industrial future.


Varied researches in this area already took place at the TU Dortmund University. So that some of the faculties do have a focus on topics including energy and resources. Many faculties and institutes are researching in a successful and visible way at themes which are relevant for the topic “energy and resources”.


On the one hand the engineering sciences deal with the future energy system, the efficient usage of energy and resources in the production, the logistics and the mobility and in the chemical process technology as well. On the other hand the economic and social sciences deal with the markets, the consumption pattern and the consumer acceptance and also with the optimized design of incentive systems to develop energy systems. Aspects of spatial planning examine the efficient use and the design of urban structures as a living and working environment. A further component are energy efficient architectures. The development towards more efficient and intelligent energy and resource processes are supported by the informatics and the information and communication technology as well.


Especially the challenges of the conversion of the energy supply towards higher energy efficiency, lower emissions and an increased amount of renewable energy connect the mentioned disciplines and make common efforts necessary, particularly with regard to the energy revolution. Further this connection aims for the objectives of the European Union as well. Smart Grids, Industry 4.0 and the Smart City given the fact of a progressive global urbanization are key issues with respect to everyone’s future at a national and international level.


The “Masterplan Energiewende Dortmund“ (master plan of energy revolution of the city of Dortmund) identified the topic energy as a “scientific field of competence with potential”. The city of Dortmund has developed the “Masterplan Energiewende Dortmund“ in cooperation with the TU Dortmund University. The L.E.D. – Leitstelle Energiewende Dortmund (headquarter for energy revolution in Dortmund) coordinates and supports the establishment of research projects between science and industry. The business development of Dortmund picked up the topic energy for a further development in collaboration with the science and the industry.


Based on the mentioned varied activities, the members of the Research Cluster Energy and Resources strive for the following:

  • To steady the topic „Energy and Resources“ as a research cluster and as a main topic at the TU visibly.
  • To visualize the existing common activities.
  • To connect the individual activities in an interdisciplinary way.
  • To initiate common and especially interdisciplinary research projects.
  • To implement common research and funding activities in cooperation with the city of Dortmund and also with local and national enterprises.
  • To make the results economical exploitable with spin-off companies, which will be supported by the TU and the City of Dortmund.


All members of the research cluster “Energy and Resources“ strive for the achievement of these common objectives in order to establish this cluster at the TU Dortmund University.

Interdisciplinary cooperation with focus on important issues of the future